Good news for dogs. Bad news for dog thieves.

Meet BrambleWe use her DNA to keep her safe.
Meet Bramble
Safer with science

When it comes to preventing dog theft, trackers and microchips aren’t up to the job.

Microchips and trackers can be removed or disabled, leaving the trail cold. LAB+BONE works by cryogenically freezing and storing a sample of your dog’s unique DNA. So if your pet is ever stolen and later queried, they can be legally identified, and brought safely home.

Cryogenic vial

Stolen dogs are often found on puppy farm raids. Storing your pet’s DNA means they can be legally identified, and returned to you.”

Prof. Rob OgdenDirector of Conservation Science, The Roslin Institute and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies

How it Works
LAB+BONE has been developed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading forensic experts. Here’s how it can help reunite you and your dog if the worst should happen.


Register your dog
Step 1
We’ll need your details, plus your dog’s name, breed, colour, and approximate age. You can then order the LAB+BONE test kit, and set up your monthly, annual or lifetime plan.


Send us your dog’s DNA
• How to get a reliable sample.
• Watch these instructions to ensure you collect the optimum amount of DNA.
Get set up
1 Wash your hands, set out the kit and read the instructions..
2 Make sure your dog has not eaten or interacted with dogs for 2 hours.
The swab
3 Open the 1st swab packet taking care not to touch the collection end.
Open swab
Collect DNA
4 Open your dogs mouth and firmly scrape the cheek and gum for at least 15 seconds.
5 We need cells, not saliva, so don’t be afraid to scrape by rolling the tip while you swab.
Scrape gums
Store sample
6 After collecting a sample, place the swab tip into vial and snap the handle at the break point.
7 Seal with the end cap firmly to secure the sample. Repeat with the second vial.
Post it back
8 Place vials back into the original box and seal. You can drop it in any postbox.
Post package
You are done
That’s it!
It was easy, Right?
When the LAB+BONE kit arrives, follow the instructions and take a couple of swabs from your dog’s mouth. Don’t worry, it’s quick and painless. Then mail them to us in the secure pack to be cryogenically frozen and stored for as long as you need.


If your dog is stolen
Step 3
You’ll need to obtain a crime reference number. We need this to issue LAB+BONE test kits to any police or rescue centres that find a dog matching your pet’s description. If a positive DNA identification is made, you can then work with the UK courts to produce a warrant and make a successful recovery.
We’ll keep your dog safe

Register now, and help keep your dog safe.