Bit tough to write about this, but here goes.

As you may have read in our News section, there is a recent article about Bo, our lovely Labrador, who is the inspiration behind LAB+BONE.

Bo, sadly was diagnosed with stage IV Tetanus early February 2023. Tetanus is a soil borne bacteria, and it released an incredibly nasty toxin to his nervous system that almost took his life.

He fought so incredibly hard, and survived death against all the odds from this bacteria/toxin.

The incredible treatment he received "was every minute around the clock" from The Ralph Hospital, and quite simply would not have been possible if it was not for his Insurance policy cover from ManyPets.

We are going to partner up with ManyPets, so keep an eye out for this announcment soon.

In the moment of unexpected need, ManyPets have been nothing short of awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, ManyPets. x