The Ralph Saved Bo

Bo was recently referred to The Ralph by our Vet with suspected Tetanus. A decision that quite literally saved his life.

While Bo walked to The Ralph with signs of Tetanus, unfortunately he took a turn for the worse. The toxin went on and did its job perfectly, and had generalised to his entire body. He became incredibly unwell.

The Critical Care Support (CCS) team at The Ralph worked around the clock, for weeks. It was a marathon effort. While struggling for his life, (in human terms on an induced coma), he survived; a collapsed lung, catheter, UTI, on/off a ventilator and numerous other unforeseen complications.

Bo (and LAB+BONE) will forever be indebted to the magic and kindness the entire hospital provided him during his care.

We will be looking to add a "Donate to The Ralph" button on the website, and hope you are able to support them.

We will out of our way to support The Ralph as much as we can, as without them, we would be without our Bo.

Thank you so very much, The Ralph, you really are "Friend for Life".