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Meet CaptainWe use his DNA to keep him safe.
Meet Captain
Who we are




Founder & Bo’s human


David loves being out in forests, mountains and the sea. David’s passion for dogs and the safety of all our four-legged family members, combined with his experience in emerging technologies, has made creating LAB+BONE the ultimate passion project. Can generally be found next to Bo. Really hates dog thieves.

Lab & David's dog


Bo the lab, at the age of 2 was the inspiration behind LAB+BONE. His favorite treat is licking the bone and left overs of a roast lamb, chasing squirrels anywhere, or hurtling himself into water while on a walk with his family & friends. He hates dog thieves.



Max loves dogs. He also has a passion for getting things right and has a ferocious appetite for useful applications of technology and efficient social fairness. Max, Dave and Bo were walking around a park when the idea of LAB+BONE fused these passions together.

Meet the team

Our team

Scientific advisor

Prof. Rob Ogden

Our Scientific advisor

Professor Rob Ogden is an internationally recognised animal forensic scientist and one of the pioneers of dog DNA profiling in the United Kingdom. He holds a chair in Conservation Science at the University of Edinburgh and is director of TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network.


Dr. June Swinburne

Our Geneticist

Dr June Swinburne, an experienced geneticist with twenty-five years of experience in the field of animal genetics. She has experience in leading research to identify inherited disease mutations and has developed commercial DNA testing protocols.


David Charters

Our Chairman

David Charters is a former diplomat turned investment banker, venture capitalist and author. He is a former magistrate with extensive experience in the security world and strong views about the abduction of family members - especially dogs.

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