Bo survives leathal Tetanus

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We've been a little quiet over the past month or so, as have been pre-occupied with Bo...sadly, he has been incredibly unwell.

The image above shows a swollen toe, it from the Tetanus, and where the bacteria entered his body.

A few days after his swollen toe, we noticed he was not his normal self, and a little unwell, however we did not think of what was about to happen.

The illness continued, vomitting, and he then started to show signs of stress on his face, like contorted face and ears pulled back...not good news.

We rushed him back to our local vet, and said something is not right. A few hours later, they called us back and said they suspect he may have Tetanus.

He was referred to The Ralph Hospital, at which point the toxin, that had entered into his body, and generalised, and almost took his life. He was really, very unwell.

Bo luckily managed to survive a collapsed lung, spending a number of days on a ventilator, had a case of pneumonia, dual chest drains, urinary catherter, UTI, and gawd knows what else, if the poor fella had, he also had a tube for it too.

I spent hours researching this illness and realised dogs diagnosed with Stage IV tetanus, and on a ventilator, the probability for survival were very slim (to none) and were not stacking up in his favour.

The tetanus toxin worked its magic 100%, there was no denying that he had it bad. Really Bad.

The Ralph Hospital worked their magic 100% around the clock, 24/7 for over a month, and his insurance company - ManyPets doing 100% that they promised.

He was so fortunate to have the level of insurance cover, and this policy in place, as without, he would have been another statistic.

Bo spent the good part of a month under 24.7 intensive care fighting for his life. He was on every medication you can imagine, and he survived.

We're going to be pretty strong advocates going forward, of The Ralph, and ManyPets, as without either of them, we would be without Bo.