Breedera - Help for responsible breeders.


We are very proud to have forged a partnership with Mike and the team at Breedera.

Breeders are typically overwhelmed in doing the right thing for their litters. Whether it be Post it notes, vaccination records, dates, whelping dates, you name it there is a vast amount of preparation that is required with responsible breeding.

It can often be seen as a thank less task, but that little furry bundle of joy has taken hours of care and consideration before re-homed to a loving family, for life.

Breedera have also poured hours of care and consideration to solve the headache to provide breeders the tools and support they need to bring healthy, happy puppies into the world. 

Breedera places all your essential breeding records in the palm of your hand so you have an extensive log of your dogs’ health data.

As part of our partnership, LAB+BONE are offering all breeders the opportunity to better protect their litters as they move them to a new home.

If you are a breeder, then sign up to Breedera, if you're doing your research for a new pup, make sure you find a breeder who has followed best practice using Breedera.