Day 22 - Cautiously optimistic

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Cautiously optimistic recovery of movement. Unsteady steps.
Cautiously optimistic recovery of movement. Early unsteady steps

I had discussed the condition of Bo and felt it was time to decide on his condition, he was not making any improvement and the team were monitoring his condition every minute around the clock.

Time for Bo was running, and if no signs of recovery were present, then we put a line in the sand. It was for everyones sake, especially Bo.

That evening we had an update from the lead nurse. She said there was a positive sign, it was very small, but something to go on. She also said the words "if he was mine, I would keep going". Shivers still run down my spine as I type this. We kept going, and the miricle began to unfold.

Bo had shown signs of recovery, far from being out of the woods just yet, but we received a small video of the team from The Ralph walking Bo. Tears welled up in our eyes, and amazingly Bo was on all fours. Slowly, stiffly, but still moving.

We were beyond elated, and our visits to The Ralph were met with floods of emotion, and just praise to how he had managed to pull through. It was not over yet, but surely to god, he would make it home. Please.

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