Day 3 - Off to the local Vet

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Back again to the vet first thing Monday morning. Bo had not eaten anything, first sign of him being sick was vomit on the floor outside his cage, then more by the door to the garden. When I got up to let him out that morning, he was desperate, he made it 3 yards then yakked up a decent amount of vomit and bile. It was not good. Bo had not eaten for 4-5 days now, and clearly, he was not in a good state. Its common for maybe 1-2 days being off his food or picking up a minor bug from the park or licking something he shouldn’t, but that’s dogs. This was something else. I called the vet and asked if we could see him, explaining all the obvious. As always, they said “bring him up and we will take a look at him”. So, off to the vets he went, and was not feeling great at all. Ears back, and poor old eyes saying, “I’m not well”.

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