Day 8 - Referred to The Ralph with suspected Tetanus


After two visits to our local vet, not eating for a week, and signs of suspected Tetanus, Bo was referred to a specialist veterinary hospital; The Ralph, in Marlow.

Bo managed to walk into The Ralph, he was fairly poorly and immediately diagnosed with stage I Tetanus.

We did not know a lot about Tetanus, apart from a human is vaccinated, and can get a booster if caught by a rusty nail, or something. Tetanus is a soil borne bacteria, that lives around us, literally everywhere. The chances of a dog catching it is less than a cat, and seldom it happens.

Bo was in good care, there was another dog also with Tetanus, so we left feeling very worried, and just wondering "why, how, and where did he catch it from, was it from his paw?".

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