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Meet GusWe use his DNA to keep him safe.

Supporting evidence and data sources

Lab and Bone Ltd have been careful to ensure that our claims are built from both theoretical and practical scientific principles that are mature and withstood critical peer review. Our scientific advisor is a dean at the prestigious Roslin Institute (remember Dolly the sheep) and holds the even more rarefied qualification of being the expert witness that set the current legal precedent on what is legally sufficient to uniquely identify a dog for a UK court.

Professor Ogden can be contacted through the University of Edinburgh chambers however we would likely be able to expedite a conversation, especially if it involves his work at Lab and Bone Ltd.

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All the content and images used on the main LAB+BONE website was created or commissioned by Lab and Bone Ltd and the copyright lies with our organisation. Images and content in both the News and Partners sections of the website have generally been provided by 3rd parties and we would be happy to provide contact information where feasible for any publisher seeking release permissions.

All logos and brand usage pertaining to the LAB+BONE trademark is controlled only in so much as to ensure that it is used correctly. If you wish to reproduce the company logo or other aspects of our brand then please contact [email protected] and we will be able to provide guidance on how to make it look its best and would even be happy to provide custom file versions.

The dog images featured as heroes on our web site and listed in the 'Top Dogs' section are property of Lab and Bone with exclusive rights to use them for the purpose of our business. However we cannot use these images outside our business or authorise their use by a 3rd party where this is not connected to Lab and Bone Ltd.

If you wish to use any of the beautiful hero images then please contact us at [email protected] and we can put you in touch with the photographer.

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