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Meet ZolaWe use her DNA to keep her safe.
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Learn more about the science of DNA, and why LAB+BONE’s cryogenic freezing and storage can prove your dog’s identity if it’s ever stolen.


What is DNA and why does it matter?

Just like humans, your dog is made of microscopic cells. Inside each one is a unique set of trillions of genetic instructions on how to grow and function. This is known as DNA.

Why freeze my dog’s DNA cryogenically?

Your dog’s DNA remains the same throughout its life. Cryogenically freezing a sample of it means you have a permanent record of their identity, and your legal ownership.

What is cryogenic freezing?

Imagine how cold your home freezer is. Now multiply that by ten, and you have cryogenic freezing. It’s cold enough to perfectly preserve your dog’s DNA for as long as you need.

If my dog is stolen, how will DNA help?

If a rescue centre or anyone finds a dog that might be yours, we’ll send them a LAB+BONE kit. If the DNA matches the sample we have in our freezer then you can prove ownership and reclaim your pet.

Meet BearWe use her DNA to keep her safe.
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